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Layout car networking + Suo Ling shares 2016 new product launch conference ended successfully

Published in 2016-01-11

With the slow development of traditional navigation and the rise of the rearview mirror navigation market, the national high-tech enterprise Soling has accumulated a lot of products with superior performance.In order to let customers and consumers fully understand the performance of the products, at 16:00 on January 9th, 2016, Soling held a “New Launch Conference for the Future of the Future – Soling 2016” at the Spanish Boat Hotel in Shenzhen Intercontinental Hotel.

/ Creative new business meeting, many elites gathered together /

The theme of the new product launch was “The Future of the Same Boat ? The Future of Linghang”. At the event, Xiao Xingyi, Chairman of Soling Co., Ltd., Vice President Deng Qingming, General Manager of Afterloading Division Zhang Hongtao, and General Manager of Hunan Soling Xu Wei Leaders, and leaders of more than 40 car dealer groups.It is worth mentioning that the conference adopts the Western style of Intercontinental Spanish Boats, and creates new and creative business activities through new product launches, business negotiations and interactive entertainment, fully realizing new projects, product experiences, interactive exchanges and other projects of.

Xiao Xingyi, Chairman of Soling Co., Ltd. delivered a speech

Deng Qingming, Vice President of Soling Co., Ltd.

/ Four series of new products come together, "Get together" release highlights /

The conference included product experience, speech speech, product catwalk, product explanation, interactive entertainment and other major links, creating a relaxed business meeting.In terms of new products, the new product experience zone was set up on the spot. The new products such as Soling driving recorder, smart rearview mirror, Android large screen machine, and Android vertical screen machine were unveiled. The function is advanced and powerful, and it is humanized, intelligent and convenient the advantages, have brought a wonderful experience to the guests on the spot.Driving recorder for driving safety equipped with high-definition 1280×720p video resolution, HD loop recording, motion detection and other hot features; smart rearview mirror, Android large screen machine, and Android vertical screen series new products not only support 4K Extremely clear, lossless sound quality, manual navigation, real-time navigation, rear view, Bluetooth call, multimedia playback and other on-board routine functions, different customizable functions between different products, smart rearview mirror 8.8 inch, double 5 inch, 4.3 inch different Screen size design, as well as Android + 4G communication, dual-screen dual display, etc., these are industry-leading technologies.

Li Feng, Director of Technology Department of Soling Co., explains product

Model show products on site

/ Integrate into the Internet of Vehicles technology to lead the industry's new technology benchmark /

The new series released by Soling has been integrated into the cutting-edge technology of many industries. The most striking thing is the new generation of car networking technology.Vehicle networking based on in-vehicle network, inter-vehicle network and vehicle-mounted mobile Internet can effectively realize intelligent traffic management, intelligent dynamic information service and vehicle intelligent control between vehicles, roads, people and the Internet, and integrate into vehicle networking technology is the development trend of future products in the industry.Soling's Android large screen machine and Android vertical screen machine products can be equipped with the car cloud car networking system equipped with Soling, with ADAS intelligent assisted driving system, DVR driving record, 3D surround assist system, tire pressure monitoring system etc features.Intelligent, user-friendly, convenient experience, integrated vehicle remote monitoring, vehicle detection, fault diagnosis, 4S shop service, driving report and other functions, to avoid safety hazards during driving, fully protect users' driving safety .

On-site guests experience the new products of Soling

Conclusion: Soling has always grasped the needs of customers and market opportunities, developed differentiated products according to different consumer needs, and strived to provide personalized, intelligent and convenient driving solutions for customers around the world. The products shown fully demonstrate this. In addition, under the background of Internet + and China Manufacturing 2025, Soling will also increase R&D investment in vehicle networking application services, extending the intelligent CID system into the entrance of the Internet of Vehicles and becoming the “hardware + car networking service” the manufacturer and supplier of excellent in-vehicle intelligent terminal solutions.In the future, Soling will continue to bring good products and services, bringing more surprises to the public.