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2015 Shenzhen Auto Refit Exhibition, Soling big screen machine stunning audience

Published in 2015-01-22

On January 18, 2015, the three-day 11th Shenzhen International Automobile Refit Service Industry Exhibition ended successfully. At the exhibition, Shenzhen Soling exhibited nearly 100 large-screen machines, and the scene was grand and stunning.

Soling Exhibition Hall is crowded

On the 16th, on the first day of the opening of the exhibition, Soling held a big screen machine conference at the exhibition site. Nearly 200 people attended the event, and the guests were full and lively.

Conference site

Mr. Xiao Xingyi, Chairman of Soling, said in his speech at the press conference: "The development of science and technology is not uniform, but appears in the form of waves. Every individual and every enterprise should see the wave and catch up with the wave. Sailing and sailing. In 2014, the wave of large-screen vehicle platforms has already hit, and in 2015, the waves will roll."It is true that with the advancement of technology, the car navigation industry is undergoing profound changes.In 2014, the development of mobile Internet spurt is believed to be deeply understood. As a mobile terminal, the car navigation platform will play a more intelligent and powerful role in the future.In China, both the absolute value of car sales and the growth rate are far ahead of the world.Therefore, China's car navigation market will certainly flourish in the future.In 2015, ultra-clear screen, car networking, one-button navigation, voice-activated navigation, human-computer interaction, high-quality and high-performance will surely become the focus of the car navigation industry.owever, these aspects have already been deployed, and Soling has all the above advantages. The large-screen machine can ship more than 80 models before and after the Spring Festival; by the end of 2015, it can ship more than 200 models.Such strong, mature, forward-looking, and fast new product development capabilities and speed to market are second to none in the industry. In these years, Soling has taken advantage of the trend, independent innovation, and the value chain has been fully optimized and extended.

Mr. Xiao Xingyi, Chairman of Soling, delivered a speech

It must be emphasized that in any field, the advantage represents only the present, and the trend means the future.Therefore, if you want to win in the fierce competition, you must have an advantage, you must follow the trend, and you must follow the pace.In these years, Soling practiced basic skills and step by step. It is in the leading position in the industry in the development and production of large-screen machines for the Internet of Vehicles.

Mr. Zhang Hongtao, General Manager of Soling Domestic Business Department

A man without foresight must have immediate worries;Businesses have no strategy and can only follow the trend.The only constant in this era is change. From the development of the country to the growth of the individual, it requires constant change.The development of the enterprise is inseparable from change. Over the years, Soling has closely followed the trend of the times and aimed at the development trend of the industry. It has carried out a series of internal and external changes, including optimizing the supply chain, learning and practicing advanced management concepts, and building an efficient and convenient management system. Introduce foreign advanced equipment, optimize processes to strictly control quality, recruit high-end talents, increase research and development efforts to shorten research and development cycle, consolidate expansion channels and dealers to achieve win-win cooperation, improve after-sales service, etc. These aim to enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise and make the market The products and services needed to benefit the partners and satisfy the users, so that Soling will swagger to the larger and wider stage.

The audience experienced the Soling large screen machine

At the exhibition, audiences from all over the country were amazed at the strong lineup of Soling's big screen machine. Many insiders said they would cooperate with Suo Ling to represent Soling's products. In 2015, with the strong big screen machine lineup as an opportunity, Soling will certainly get more fruitful results.